TENT house for contemporary circus

I started to do circus when I was four, at Circus Elleboog, the youth circus of Amsterdam, which is where I met the members of TENT. When I graduated from high school at age sixteen I was in doubt about what to study: biology or chemistry? But in the end, I decided to follow my dream and graduated in Rotterdam from the first public university for circus in Rotterdam: Codarts Circus Arts. Specialising in hand-to-hand acrobatics, I also discovered a great interest in dance and took a minor in choreography.

I form a duo with Evertjan Mercier under the name Zinzi & Evertjan. Our act View won the gold award at SOLyCIRCO Festival 2012 in Sylt, as well as the special jury award at the renowned Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2013 and the Bronze Star at the YOUNG STAGE Festival 2013. It has been integrated into (variety) shows such as Palazzo, GOP, Krystallpalast and Flick Flack. We have also performed with Les 7 doigts de la main from Canada and Hyrrä (Germany). From 2014 to 2018, Zinzi & Evertjan performed all over the world with French Cie XY in the show Il n’est pas encore minuit. Common Ground, a large indoor show by the Common Ground collective, which we formed together with four colleagues, premiered in 2019.

In 2017-2019 I took part in a development program at TENT to become a director in the circus. During this journey I created three circus pieces: MEMO, a duet for Evertjan and myself about identity, dependence and independence. Barstool Bound, a site-responsive acrobatic music performance in pubs about aging and PIT, a mobile performance on location that places its audiences looking down on a trio of acrobats. I wrote a booklet, GRIP, about this process in the hope of helping others on a similar path. I hope to inspire people with my work, to get them to open up to greater possibilities than they ever imagined, to not judge by first impressions and ultimately to surprise themselves.

two years

LOOPMEMOBarstool BoundPITGRIP • Geluiden uit de PIT