TENT house for contemporary circus

"Everybody knows the boat is sinking. Everybody knows the captain lied." - Leonard Cohen

Three dance and floor acrobats move on stage like standing on a ship. With minimal movement and precision, Xenia Bannuscher, Dries Vanwalle and Samuel Rhyner make the swell under their feet tangible. Rocking works with the equally aesthetic and fearsome movement of a ship at sea in heavy weather, where the performers do everything they can to restore the imbalance. While the ground seems to be moving more and more truly, we are confronted with our own failure.

Artist and theatre maker Paul van de Waterlaat refers to man's own belief in social engineering. With Rocking, he makes a dystopian translation of the times we live in. The ship that is sinking works as a metaphor for how we experience reality and how that experience is put under pressure.

Rocking works from the composition and structure of the minimalist Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt. The composition is nothing more than a guideline. The musician, live on stage, and the players themselves decide how to handle repetitions and accents. Rocking is therefore variable in length and can result in an installation, a show or performance art. An ode to the passive human being who bends and, if necessary, adapts to the situation.

Expected premiere autumn 2021

INFORMATION TARGET GROUP all ages / language no problem DURATION  ± 30 minutes FLOOR & HALL ± 10x10m2 / with ballet floor / height min 4m 

CREDITS CONCEPT & DIRECTION Paul van de Waterlaat PLAY Xenia Bannuscher • Dries Vanwalle • Samuel Rhyner MUSIC Georgia Nicolaou PRODUCER TENT • THANKS TO Grand Theatre Groningen • Werkplaats Diepenheim TEASER

Paul van de Waterlaat

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