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An exercise in hope and about the empathy of monkeys

In the coming years, Benjamin Monki Kuitenbrouwer will investigate where our cynical view of humankind comes from and what the social consequences of a negative world view are. In this theatrical circus performance, Monki alternates his acrobatics with text and live music in an energetic and intimate solo performance. Swinging back and forth between two poles, he talks enthusiastically about his faith in people. In a vulnerable and playful way, he shares his frustration and incomprehension about the way he thinks we 'still don't understand'. By means of factual information, live social experiments and personal anecdotes, he tries to make his point. All this between and around two poles of 4 metres high.

Monki: "With this performance, I want to talk about why optimism is often seen as naive and why we find negative news so much more important than positive news. Why do we still think the cynic is more 'realistic' than the optimist? I am convinced that a more optimistic view of mankind is a crucial foundation for the challenges we now face as humanity. With Voor 60% Banaan I want to debunk some of the urban myths about humankind and at the same time tell a vulnerable and honest story about how difficult it is not to be cynical. It will be a performance about trust, about practising hope and about the empathy of monkeys."  

Premiere 2022

THANKS TO • RESIDENCYS De Grote Post • Werkplaats Diepenheim

Benjamin Monki Kuitenbrouwer

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