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WAYS OF BEING READY (working title)
Two artists are getting ready, until they are about to

Ways of being ready by Hendrik Van Maele with Elliot Dehaspe zooms in on a state of being that otherwise so easily escapes our attention. This tragicomic duo keeps the attention on that one fleeting moment just before the action. The muscles are tense, the breath is held, they are about to. As in a series of exercises, they work with the physical tension and the stillness that it brings.

The duet is a playful inventory of all possible tensions that are generated in the body, between the artists themselves and with the audience. Hendrik and Elliot play with the expectation of the viewer that is not fulfilled.In this field of tension, the tension of the muscles, the supreme focus of the gaze and the stagnation between two breaths become a stretched and loaded momentum.  An extremely tense silence that sounds louder and louder.

Premiere March 2022

CREDITS CONCEPT & DIRECTION Hendrik Van Maele CREATED AND PERFORMED BY Hendrik Van Maele • Elliot Dehaspe OUTSIDE EYE Esther Snelder • Margot Janssens PRODUCTION TENT COPRODUCTION Miramiro • Cirklabo •Perplx • Dommelhof • Circ'uit RESIDENCIES DeRuimte (Leuven) • Perplx (Kortrijk) • Werkplaats Diepenheim (Diepenheim) • CC De Grote Post (Oostende)

Hendrik Van Maele

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