TENT house for contemporary circus

Protagonist in a moving composition

Come and sit close to the performance and become a protagonist of this moving composition. Or stay on the side. Because once we are allowed to touch each other again, how close do you want to get to a stranger? 360, directed by Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer and Hanneke Meijers, provides a range of proposals.

In this dynamic performance, the acrobats Théo and Lucas Enriquez invite a part of the audience on stage. The performance is driven by 'What if' questions. They are directorial hints that influence the acrobatic play of the brothers, the audience and their rolling stools. The performance takes place around and with the audience. With bravura, sometimes playfully sometimes intimately, the performers share their athletic movement skills. From their mobile position, the audience inevitably becomes part of a group process and co-director of the performance. 

After each presentation, the performance is evaluated. Instructions that have already taken place are deleted and new ones are written. This makes 360 a moving essay in which the boundaries of the stage are stretched and the term partner acrobatics acquires a whole new meaning. The performance invites to make contact, to touch, to be part of and to influence. Or none of this. 360 wants above all to direct an unforced gathering in which the audience slowly opens up again.

INFORMATION hanneke@tent.eu LOCATION inside or outside DURATION ± 30 min FLOOR 9x9m solid floor, no balletfloor, no grass, no sand HEIGHT minimum 3 meters AGE 6+ TAAL language no problem PERFORMANCE PERIOD 2021-2024

"360 is a short performance that uses the space - the audience, but also the elements in the environment - in a surprising way. The performers are very alert and have a sense of humour." Sander Janssens for Theaterkrant.nl


CREDITS DIRECTOR Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer CONCEPT Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer & Hanneke Meijers CO-DIRECTION Hanneke Meijers ARTISTS Lucas & Théo Enriquez PRODUCTION TENT house for contemporary circus PARTNER Over het IJ Festival DESIGN Opperclaes CAMPAIGN IMAGE Marc Faasse SUPPORTED BY Performing Arts Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer

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