TENT house for contemporary circus

Obstacles and wonderment of new circus makers

In this podcast series we talk to young artists who are moving in the circus discipline. Just before they enter the studio we invite them for an open conversation. Together, we discuss their artistry: topics, themes and practical dilemmas that concern them, their generation and the circus field. And small questions, obstacles and wonderment. We catch a glimpse of the creative work process and they might even give a hint of their next dream project.

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Season 2 • Sep 2022
Podcast Maker: Maaike van Langen

#1 Petra Steindl & Felix Zech • release 22.09.2022
#2 Arend de Jonge • release 27.09.2022
#3 Jam Shenanigans • release 20.10.2022
#4 Harvey Cobb • release 3.11.2022
#5 Jorga Lok • release 1.12.2022
#6 Maria Madeira • release 8.12.2022

Season 1  • 2021
Podcast Maker: Nadja van der Weide

#1 House of Circus • release 3.05.2021: We would like to avoid the 3 s’s: shyness, shame and seriousness, and embrace the 3 s’s: sexy, spectacular, surprises.
#2 Luuk Brantjes • release 12.05.202: What happens when I'm really alone with the teaterboard?
#3 Jessica Hellmuth • release 28.05.2021: I am hoping to embrace the all of creation, to listen to it and follow.
#4 Marth De kinder & Jan De Kinder • release 6.06.2021: Our two languages are so different, the challenge is how to combine them. It will be a tricky one to make it work.
​#5 Liza van Brakel • release 21.09.2021: Juggling is all about the drops. We should embrace them more.
​#6 Sinking Sideways • release 16.12.2021: We want to push the choreographic aspect of our bodies through juggling patterns