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Circus theatre for the little ones

Circus maker and dancer Emilie Weisse makes her directorial debut in 2022 with the performance Be Kind. A circus theatre experience for the little ones, 6 to 18 months, with their parents or grown-ups. The performance will initially play in theatres and festivals in 2022, with a reprise in 2023. It is the first time in the Netherlands that a circus theatre show is developed specifically for this target group. Inspired by scientific research and international developments in the field of baby theatre, Emilie developed the desire to introduce children to contemporary circus at a very young age in an intimate setting. More than just showing juggling and acrobatics, Emilie wants to research how we can use the visual body language of circus to reach such a young audience. How we can interest them, surprise them and engage their interaction. In order to adapt the performance as well as possible to the perception and specific needs of this audience, Emilie is collaborating with the Baby & Child Research Centre in Nijmegen. Sabine Hunnius, the director, supports the project and provides Emilie with scientifically substantiated advice in the making of Be Kind. By using this knowledge about the development of babies, an artistic experience is created that is also accessible and stimulating.  

Be Kind is designed to offer a fully-fledged theatrical experience for both child and adult. To allow the theatrical experience to continue in the intimacy of the home, Emilie is also creating a children's book together with Rianne van Duin, based on the performance.

Emilie Weisse

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