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The principles of throwing and catching: from gameplay to deed

In the performance with the working title Trio, circus maker Hendrik Van Maele presents a new view on the art of throwing and catching. Together with his co-performers Maria Madeira and Shalom Gramicciola, he invites the spectator to shift his/her gaze: from the juggling patterns that are formed in the air to the movement of the hands. The trio makes throwing and catching an act in itself where each individual throw and catch is unique.

As long as they keep moving their hands and the game is played between the performers, the objects become interchangeable. The juggling ball becomes a tennis ball, becomes a cactus, becomes a paper aeroplane, everything becomes a potential projectile, so we all become circus performers. But the throwing of an everyday object is not without meaning. There may be some contempt in the throwing of a shoe, and the throwing of stones is not without consequences. Because what comes after the throwing of the shoe? Perhaps the foot that hangs on it?

In this game, it is not clear from the start who or what is being thrown. And what the right choice is - catching your partner or the object - is less obvious than it seems. The line between game and political action is blurred. Until the ball is rolled in your camp, who or what are you aiming at?

Expected premiere 13.05.2022

CREDITS CREDITS CONCEPT & DIRECTION Hendrik Van Maele ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Margot Jansens CREATED & PERFORMED BY Maria Madeira • Shalom Gramiccioli • Hendrik Van Maele CHOREOGRAPHICAL ADVICE Hanna Mampuys SOUND DESIGN Adam Russell COSTUME DESIGN Oona Mampuys LIGHT DESIGN Flor Huybens PRODUCTION TENT COPRODUCTION Cirklabo • PERPLX • Dommelhof RESIDENCIES CC Westrand (Dilbeek) • Theater De Waanzin (Gent) • De Expeditie • MiraMiro (Gent) • Perplx (Marke) • De Vooruit (Gent) • Cas-co • Cirklabo (Leuven) • CC De Grote Post (Oostende) • Dommelhof (Neerpelt) PHOTOGRAPHY Giada Cicchetti THANKS TO Aike Roodenburg • Elliot Dehaspe • Mélusine Lavinet Drouet WITH THE SUPPORT OF de Vlaamse overheid

Hendrik Van Maele

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